AKC and UKC Champion Srinagar Shefaro's Honore
BIF lure courser Shefaro Greyhound EYC Sara Marie - March 5-6, 2011 Alamo Area Whippet Club lure course, Carrie wins back to back Bests in Field!
Sherry Rodarmor, SHErry FAye ROdarmor is Shefaro and Shefaro is the home of Multi International (FCI, UCI), World, American (AKC, UKC, IABCA), Mexican, Costa Rican, Bahamian, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican,  Guatemalan (Best in Show), Peruvian, Venezuelan, Columbian, South American, Champions of the Americas, Caribbean, Bermudian, Canadian conformation, rally, obedience (Specialty HIT), agility, lure coursing, Best in Show, Best Brace in Show, Best Bred By In Show, Best in Field lure coursers, High In Trial Obedience and Agility champions, Top Producers, Top Ten, National Specialty and group winning champions, Breed Specialty winning champions, wonderful companions where temperament comes first and service and therapy dogs . The pride of Shefaro - Service and Therapy dogs - can be seen at www.shefaro.com/serviceandtherapy   My home page which showcases life at Shefaro with Sherry Rodarmor is http://www.shefaro.org   This page shefaro.org continues highlights and Life at Shefaro with new and updated pictures of Shefaro Sighthound successes in the show ring, lure coursing (multiple best in field winners), puppies, future champions - Borzoi, Greyhounds, Salukis.  I created this webpage because of problems I was having with the old webpage program.  The highlights page also shares new babies born at Shefaro - lambs, kids - working livestock guardian dogs, general live at the farm.

Sherry Faye Rodarmor
Sherry Rodarmor
Shefaro Borzoi and Boer Goats
891 Hume Road
San Antonio,Texas 78264
(210) 626-3156
Field competition  breeds:
Ibizan Hounds  - have multiple Best in Field Champions - all placed in pet homes

Shefaro Borzoi and Boer Goats
Sheep and Goats

Agricultural/livestock guardian breeds
Working Livestock Guardian Dogs 
Great Pyrenees
Anatolian Shepherds

Sherry Faye Rodarmor started out with Borzoi while in college.  Having traveled to Los Angeles with a friend, I encountered her first Borzoi at the home of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.   A friend of mine had performed in a stage play  with Sal Mineo and Don Johnson.   At the anniversary of Sal's death, Jimmy invited me to visit his friends in L.A.   That's when I enountered my first Borzoi.  The beautiful creature was reclining on the couch and took my breath away.  When I returned home to San Francisco, Istarted my search for a Borzoi.   I found one in the local newspaper, purchased her, and the rest was history.   Doodling my name Sherry Faye Rodarmor, came up with the "kennel" name Shefaro which is SHErry FAye ROdarmor. 

After traveling on a sociological study tour into the People's Republic of China, during a month in Hong Kong before returning to the USA, I met a fellow from Switzlerland who invited me to visit his home at Christmas.  While in Switzlerland, he asked  what I wanted for Christmas and of course, I said "a Borzoi."  Together we traveled around Switzlerland and visited von Smetanka from where he purchased Braga von Smetanks and I took her home to San Francisco,  USA.   I returned to Switzlerland the following year and returned home with what would become Shefaro's foundation Borzoi bitch,  Multi Champion Cherta von Smetanka.    With Braga and Cherta, I  moved to Mexico and lived there for four years where Cherta was the number one Borzoi.   Upon returning to the United States, Texas to be exact, I purchased my foundation dog, "Gent."   Cherta was the Empress of the Shefaro Dynasty.  Following Cherta was her daughter Reyna (Queen).   My next litter included Eagle who propelled himself to the Top Ten Borzoi rankings.  I followed him around the ring and he won and won some more. As if that wasn't enough, he produced a son, Fenix.  Fenix was also a Top Ten Borzoi and together with his sire, Eagle, they were a Best in Show winning brace.   Fenix produced a son, Cesar, who won Winners Dog from Bred by at a Borzoi Club of America National Specialty show, and went on to be in the Top Ten Borzoi rankings for three years.   Life at Shefaro has continued on with great successes in the show ring, lure coursing field, agility ring, obedience, rally, and best of all, service and therapy work.  Shefaro has expanded horizons into some smaller and less coated breeds, Ibizan Hound, Greyhound, Salukis.  Please enjoy this page and watch for pages that are being created to show Shefaro Champions, Shefaro Highlights, etc. and watch this page grow.  Highlights 2011 has links back to previous years when I started posting highlights.  I am learning a new webpage program and will have links to everything once I have it mastered. There are so many sources of pride for Shefaro and I take delight in sharing them with you.   Please enjoy my working livestock guardian dogs and their wards, sheep and goats at http://www.shefaro.org which eventually will have a livestock guard dog page split off.   There is so much to see and enjoy, please do so with my blessing.  
Waiting for rain for the pasture.  In the meantime, the sheep and goats go into Shefaro Park to graze on natural grasses and trees.

Serenity Prayer
GOD grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.
Shefaro is a non-commercial small livestock ranch in Bexar County, Texas.  Our primary goal is to offer sheep and goats for pets and agricultural exemptions, working livestock guardian dogs to guard herds and flocks on farms and ranches, strictly for agricultural purposes.  Our secondary goal is  top performance sighthounds for field trials and performance events. To that end, we have multiple Best in Field competitors.  Additionally, we have racing schooled Greyhounds at our sanctuary. http://www.bexataanimalsanctuary.com
Shefaro Ranch - sheep, goats, working livestock guardian dogs - top field trial and performance event sighthounds  210- 626-3156
June 5, 2011 - Lola and  son, Tiger.  Mother, Lola, is UKC and AKC Ch. Shefaro Hidden Meadow's Lola Rouge.  Her boy is Shefaro's El Ojo de Tigre (Eye of the Tiger)  I expect big things from this handsome boy. 
UKC Ch. Shefaro Alegria's Francisco Santiago
Shefaro's Fenix
Gracie at the hay field 
I do not breed all the livestock guardian dogs here, but I am instrumental in seeing that they are wormed, vaccinated, living around sheep and goats, vet checked and transported to the airport to fly out to their new homes.  This is something that most ranchers don't have the time or expertise to accomplish and so contact me when they have pups.
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Ben and Acail run the beach
Black Beauty Wins BEST IN FIELD at the National Lure Coursing Championship 12/04/11
New FIELD CHAMPION - BLACK BEAUTY - pretty in pink!   Black Beauty finished her field championship March 3, 2012 with a Best of Breed win for another three point major.
Tali's first field trial
Field Trial page is in progress
Another BIF 04/21/12
Shefaro Saluki Tali wins her first Best in Field at her first AKC lure coursing trial June 3, 2012
Please email shefaro@peoplepc.com if you need a working livestock guard dog to protect your livestock from predators.
Please email shefaro@peoplepc.com for your next field trial Saluki or Greyhound
Mariska does the Nutcracker - Merry Christmas